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Does my ticket include audio guide?

Yes, all our tours include audio guides in 11 different languages.

Do I need to exchange my ticket somewhere in London?

You can simply present your physical ticket or your e-ticket to one of our street staff or to the driver on the bus. They will issue you a receipt which shows the validity of your ticket.

I'm coming to London in a few weeks and I'd like to buy tickets for the Hop on Hop off Bus Tour. Is it possible to buy them directly from your visitor centre?

Absolutely! Tickets can be purchased at any of these centres - Victoria, Kensington or Leicester Square. We are open 7 days a week.

Where can I find a list of all the stops and a map of the various routes?

Please visit the relevant tour page and you will see various links to the map and timetable for our open top bus tour service.

We have lost one of our personal items on our of your open top buses. Can you check if anyone handed it in please?

Please refer to our lost and found department at the Victoria visitor centre

Do you offer Group discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts for groups of 20 or more, please submit your enquiry to and we will get back to you with the price.

The Hop on Hop off Bus Tour with the river cruise is valid for 48 hrs. Can I use your river cruise one day and then the Hop on Hop off ticket the day after?

Yes, that's absolutely fine.

What is the difference between blue, orange and red routes? Do we have to book for a specific route?

The blue route goes around central London including Westminster. The orange route go from Covent Garden to Regent’s Park and Hyde Park. The red route covers central London and the world famous museums. You do not need to book a specific route.

We have booked a package of Hop on Hop off Tour and attractions tickets with your company. Can we visit the attractions on different dates?

Yes you can. In order to amend the date you will need to come to any of our three visitor centres located in Victoria, Kensington or Leicester Square.

I have booked a package 48 Hour Hop-On Hop-Off + London Eye + Madame Tussauds. Are these standard tickets or do we receive priority entrance?

London Eye is a standard ticket; however you benefit from priority entrance for Madame Tussauds.

I am very interested in the 48 hour bus tour. Unfortunately I do not have two consecutive days available for it. Will your ticket still be valid?

The validity of the 48 hour bus tour is for 48 continuous hours, two consecutive days only.

Can I buy the ticket on the bus in cash for the open top bus tour?

If you cannot see any staff at the bus stop, then you can pay in cash on board the bus.

What if we need to use washroom facilities?

Please use the washroom before embarking on the journey.

What if we need to use washroom facilities during the three hour London Panorama tour?

Please use the washroom before embarking on the journey. Once you get off the bus you cannot get back on it.

How do we book the Free Walking Tours and Boat Ride which comes complimentary with the Hop on Hop off tour?

The tour ticket on the relevant day is all you need to show as proof to receive your free walking tour and boat ride.

Can the Open Top Buses accommodate wheelchairs?

Most of our buses have an access ramp at the front of the bus. Please ask the Hop-on Hop-off Plus representative at the stops about which buses are suitable. Legally we can only carry one wheelchair user per bus.

When do the buses start and finish running?

Please view the full timetable here.

Could there be road closures on the day that I am looking to travel?

London is a very busy place with lots of things going on. Please view the latest service information to see if there are any planned changes

How to check the next bus timings while on the tour?

You can simply download our app and check the live status of our buses, alternately our maps have estimated time of arrival of buses at each stop.

Do you have WiFi on your buses?

Yes, we do! All our buses have WiFi on board which helps you stay connected all the time.