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Small and ornate, this intimate gallery allows you to get close enough to see the paint flecks on some of the most famous works Scotland has to offer. Located on the Mound in the very middle of the city, here you can see artworks by painters such as J M W Turner, and William McTaggart (an iconic Scottish Artist)… all for free!


The National Museum of Scotland is filled with history and gives you the chance to learn more about the city at a local level. Free to visit, it makes the perfect rainy day activitiy and is even home to Dolly the Sheep (the first ever successfully cloned animal).


Little known is that the Magdalen Chapel (open only at select times) is home to some of the oldest stained glass in Scotland. Tucked away in a little corner of Cowgate, this little place of worship has witnessed centuries of history and plenty of revolution.


Marvel at a million pounds worth of (fake) cash in the reception. And that’s just the beginning. The Museum on the Mound is free to visit and well worth a trip (if only to glance around for a half hour). Learn all about the history of money in Scotland, as well as its banks, at this free museum.


Edinburgh is absolutely filled with free galleries and museums, including that of Modern Art. The Gallery of Modern art is part of the National Galleries, and as a result is completely free to visit (although donations are always welcome). Here, you can find treasures by Picasso and Matisse, among others.


Free to visit and well worth a walk around, the Museum of Childhood is located on the Royal Mile, making it easy to visit. Free to enter, the museum is filled with vintage toys, board games and other items relating to childhood. It’s the first museum ever to be dedicated solely to childhood and is the perfect place to relive your youth.